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The Boomerang® is the world's first operational long-endurance mini UAV to be powered on cutting-edge Fuel-Cell technology. Due to its long endurance capability (more than 10 hours), and its extended control range (80Km), and with its dual day and IR sensor payload, the boomerang is a perfect solution for long ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance). 
The Boomerang is integrated with Bluebird's combat proven avionics and innovative technology, to provide all weather stealthy and reliable operation, and triple day/IR/laser Sensor.
When carrying the photogrammetric payload and performing an autonomous mapping mission, the Boomerang system can be used to deliver up to 750 square kilometers of orthophoto in a single sortie.
The Boomerang is the perfect solution for lower cost, long endurance area domination, in any tactical circumstances.
The Fuel-Cell powered Boomerang was purchased by the Ethiopian Army for their Intelligence division. 

Operational missions

Rapid "over-the-hill", covert ISTAR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and
  Reconnaissance) in open area as well as urban warfare scenarios.

"First responder".
Border protection.
Force / convoy protection.
Security operations
Law enforcement.
Search and rescue.
Disaster control and management operations.
Commercial applications.
Mapping on Demand photogrammetric solutions.
• Performance- unmatched mini UAV capabilities.
 Superior Payload and imagery capabilities- triple sensor (EO / IR / Laser) gimbaled and
  stabilized payload and built in video enhancing providing high resolution Imagery,
  Automatic target tracking, and video image leveling.
 All weather operation – rough weather resistant; Proven operations in rain.
 High reliability and ease of use –fully autonomous- automatic launch and accurate parachute
  recovery, operational readiness in less than 15 minutes.
 Low LCC (Life-Cycle-Cost)
 Green environmental friendly operation

 Weight  ~10 Kg
 Payload   Up to 1.3 Kg 
 Endurance  Up to 10 Hr. 
 Operational Range Up to 50 Km (Can be extended to 80 Km)
 Best Operational Altitude  Up to 1000 m / 3000 ft AGL
 Ceiling  10000 m / 30000 ft ASL



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