It is impossible to monitor thousands of Km which can be extended and stretched over any kind of terrain, even such with low accessibility. These are also exposed to damages by metal thieves, poor maintenance, wear and tear and even birds / animals.

Any interruption of power lines / pipelines can easily diminish life quality, damage the economy and may even result in a life threatening danger.
A UAV can cover immense portions of ground in each flight on a pre-planned flight route and detect malfunctions easily. The information is gathered quickly, in a low-cost measure from a bird’s eye. An unmanned aircraft can monitor even in rough terrain with low accessibility. All sections can be linked to a single Command Center and map the entire area / send a repair team if needed to a specific location.

Activities Monitored:

• Wear and tear due to corrosion, maintenance
• Animal damages
• Theft, sabotage and/ or terror attacks
When a baseline orthophoto exists, it is possible to collect IR thermal images and register them to the RGB orthophoto. It is possible to get 10cm/pixel resolution when flying at low altitude (~150m).
Pipe Line Monitoring - RGB Payload
Pipe Line Monitoring - IR Payload