Bluebird Aero Systems Ltd (established in 2002), a dominant player in the Tactical Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) industry, specializes in the design, development and production of Micro, Mini and tactical UAS and peripheral equipment, and delivers exceptional, unprecedented combat proven solutions to meet the challenges of the Military, HLS and civilian UAS markets.

Bluebird’s solutions are specially designed to deal with those contemporary challenges. With a wide spectrum of UAS platforms, all operating from a unified, intuitive and advanced Ground Control Station, Bluebird’s rapidly deployed UAS, cost-effectively and reliably perform all kinds of missions, in severe weather and without terrain limitations.

BlueBird’s advanced UAV system presents the ultimate solution for supporting open area as well as urban scenarios and Tactical Mapping On Demand (TMOD) for military, peace-keeping, low intensity conflict, security, disaster management, law enforcement, S&R and commercial applications.

Only recently, the Israeli authorities approved to release limited information on its SpyLite UAS participation in operations “Brother’s Keeper” and “Protective Edge” this summer. The SpyLite Mini UAVs were used intensively in both operations, providing invaluable, covert, real time, life-saving intelligence to the Israeli forces performing their missions in the war-on-terror and supporting the Israeli homeland security situation. Operated by minimum manpower, The SpyLite UAVs operated around the clock, 24/7, in different locations and in harsh environmental conditions, and logged over 700 operational sorties of over 3 hours each, in high tempo, in these two operations only, proving high reliability, high availability and cost-effective operations.