When it comes to designing durable, reliable and secured UAV systems for military applications, failure is not an option, even under the most difficult conditions.

Conflicts and catastrophic events over the past 20 years have demonstrated the importance of fast deployed tactical UAV systems in facilitating real-time, critical & life-saving intelligence gathering. Accurate tactical intelligence is, in most cases, the difference between saving the lives of warfighters & civilians, and being caught unprepared on the battlefield.  

BlueBIrd’s portfolio of Micro, Mini & Tactical UAS is specifically designed to deal with the complexity of Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition, & Reconnaissance missions, characterized mainly by an unfamiliar, changing environment and conditions.  

In order to provide the operational flexibility required from an unmanned aircraft Bluebird has designed its system to be compact, lightweight, highly transportable, placing rigorous demands on the image sensors, optics, communications equipment and software algorithms (developed by Bluebird). Equipped with high- end, advanced EO/IR payloads, BlueBIrd’s platforms do not compromise on performance and can react immediately and accurately, even under extreme weather conditions and harsh environment, providing persistent and covert coverage of the area of interest.

BlueBIrd’s proprietary, unified and intuitive Ground Control Station, is designed to control all Bluebird’s UAVs and enables different flight modes and safety logics including mission continuation in COMM/GPS denied environment, while transmitting to the ground forces valuable information in real time, in full HD quality.

BlueBird’s advanced UAV systems present the ultimate solution for supporting military applications, including:

  • Artillery Target Acquisition
  • Battle Damage Assessment
  • Counter Terrorism
  • Persistent Surveillance
  • Tactical Intelligence
  • Aerial Reconnaissance
  • Border and infrastructure Security
  • Battlefield management and more