Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition & Reconnaissance

All of Bluebird UAS were designed to support the performance of all required ISR missions and the operational concept of independent Intelligence gathering by dismounted soldiers in combat.
These UAS are fully suitable to perform those tasks, based on the following capabilities:
  • Easy & low weight backpacked carried systems for high mobility.
  • Rapid system deployment by a team of one / two soldiers, quickly and reliably
  • Almost all weather operations
  • Fully autonomous and pre-planned mission flying capability to support ease of use suitable for
    any shortly trained soldier.
  • Wide variety of payload carrying capabilities and system configurations can be used and selected
    by the customer in order to support a wide diversity of missions.
  • Highly Reliable recovery system to guarantee a safe and pin-point pre-determined landing.
  • Exceptionally short turn-around time between flights.
  • Quick system packing which allows fast movement to a different location if needed.
  • Automatic launch from a ground launcher / hand held pneumatic launcher to enable launching
    behind a cover or from a roof of a building with no need for terrain adaptation.
  • Extended range operations to support even unique deep operations.
The back-packed or vehicle mounted UAV system provides a very stable ISR platform, which combined with a stabilized day and night video payload and coupled with proprietary ground exploitation software, allows for GPS marked imagery to be relayed in real time to the ground station.