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    Launch and Recovery in Any Terrain

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  • MicroB

    Severe Weather Operation

The MicroB-UAS is a mature, operational, advanced Micro-UAS, weighing approximately 1Kg. The MicroB creates a new niche in the UAS arena providing unprecedented Mini-UAV capabilities (over 10Km range, over one hour endurance, Stabilized video image, etc.)  in a Micro-UAV form factor, while maintaining its very competitive and affordable price.


The MicroB is designed for full autonomous operation, providing unmatched ease-of-use and high maintainability. Equipped with a proprietary gimbaled and stabilized EO or IR payloads, the MicroB can be autonomously launched from its hand-held launcher within seconds – even in a crowded urban environment or through a window, providing high quality video and images, with GIS information and automatic target tracking.

The MicroB UAV is an outstanding Micro UAV, integrated with a combat proven avionics suit, electric brushless motor, rechargeable battery and proprietary payloads (day or IR) and extensive flight envelope. Those unique attributes enable the execution of effective ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) missions, providing immediate, independent intelligence.

60 Minutes


1500 gr

Takeoff Weight

1000 M

Operational Altitude

10000 M

Control Range

MicroB- System Main Specifications

Specification Description
Max Takeoff Weight Up to 1.5kg
Wing Span 99 cm
Length 55 cm (77 cm with winglets)
Endurance Up to 1 hour
Airspeed 45 – 85 km/h / 24 – 46 knots
Control Range Up to 10 Km
Max flight Ceiling 3000m / 9843 ft. ASL
Best Operational Altitude Up to 1000m /3280 ft.  AGL
Takeoff Hand held pneumatic launcher auto-launch
Landing Automatic Parachute recovery

MicroB System’s Significant Advantages

  •  Operational
  •  Transportable: easy to carry and transport
  •  Rapid deployment anytime, anywhere, even in restricted urban areas
  •  Severe weather operation
  •  Fully autonomous from launch to recovery
  •  Ease of operation and Intuitive flight control
  •  Launch and recovery in any terrain
  •  Covert operation: Low acoustic & visual signatures
  •  Gimbaled and stabilized payloads for real time day or night video
  •  Secondary emergency backup control link and parachute recovery
  •  Low LCC (Life-Cycle-Cost)

MicroB Launch & Recovery

Launch- Light Weight Pneumatic Launcher

This launcher is a handheld, air-pressured launcher, shaped like a rifle.
Prior to launching the operator shall load the launcher with compressed air by using a small battery operated compressor or a miniature dispensable commercial CO2 pressure canister (~9 cm long).
Advantages using a pneumatic launcher:

  •  Not dependent on human skills
  •  Stability during launch (Pitch, Roll & Yaw axis)
  •  Higher initial velocity – can be launched in harsher weather conditions
  •  Quick load & launch- no need for assembly, portable
  •  Launch in limited spaces – rooftops, through a window, behind a cover, etc.
  •  Integrated Safety valve and mechanical lock for safer use

The UAV can be launched in any type of environment and does not require the operators to prepare a special takeoff area. Even at high winds, the operator can safely accomplish multiple consistent launches. After the autonomous launch procedure is completed, the UAV will fly autonomously according to the flight plan.

MicroB Recovery

Once the MicroB has completed its recovery route, it will automatically deploy its parachute. The autopilot calculates the optimum wind speed and altitude for the MicroB to deploy its parachute so that it is deployed for accurate safe landing and descent to the ground. The MicroB can also be commanded to go to an ad-hoc location and deploy its parachute for recovery. In an emergency, the operator can override the PGCS and autopilot and command the MicroB to immediately land by the optional secondary / redundant channel (ECU).

Operational Missions

  • Rapid “over-the-hill”, covert ISTAR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition & Reconnaissance) in an open area as well as urban warfare scenarios
  • First responders
  • Border protection
  • Force / convoy protection
  • Security operations
  • Law enforcement
  • Search and rescue
  • Disaster control
  • Commercial applications
  • Mapping on Demand photogrammetric solutions