BlueBird Has Been Awarded a Western European Governmental Contract for Supplying Advanced MicroB, Micro-UAS

The company announced today that it has been awarded a contract to supply MicroB Micro-UAS to a NATO member customer in Western Europe. The MicroB UAS shall be utilized for strengthening the customer’s HLS and first-respond forces capabilities.

BlueBird began the experimental phase on FERMIS (Fire Event Remote Management Information System) Payload Prototype

BlueBird and its Greek partners ( Altus, Kemea ) are developing a comprehensive solution for fire detection, prevention & monitoring by the use of advanced Aerial Sensing System.

Press Release

Revealed: BlueBird Aero Systems’ SpyLite Mini UAS Executed Hundreds of Operational Sorties in operation “Protective Edge”  

BlueBird Develops New UAV

The Israeli UAV manufacturer Bluebird has developed a new UAV, named Thunder B. The UAV, which weighs 24 kilograms, is capable of performing in a manner that was thus far typical among UAVs weighing 150 kilograms and above.

Africa; Undisclosed client orders BlueBird Spylite UAV.

An undisclosed African country has placed an order for SpyLite unmanned aerial vehicles from Israeli manufacturer BlueBird.

BlueBird soars with African UAS deal

BlueBird, an Israeli manufacturer of unmanned air vehicles, has won a contract to supply its products to an undisclosed African country.