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The Spy-i is a small size aerostat that can carry dual sensor payload up to 150m in the air, providing 360-degree Day and Night observation coverage, accomplished by state-of-the-art simple equipment, which requires minimal operating skills and maintenance procedures. The Spy-i is tethered to a cable, which is anchored to the ground, or any surface or held by its operator for easy displacement.

When filled with Helium gas, the ~8m balloon floats up in its surveillance altitude and can remain on station many hours, after which it can winched down for a helium top-up and battery replacement, then rapidly returned to surveillance altitude.

The system provides real-time color Day and IR digital high quality stabilized video, transmitted to the Ground Control Unit that allows Video geo-referencing along with video enhancements. The Spy-i is designed to be rapidly deployable by two persons.

Once airborne, just one operator is needed to manipulate the system via a Ground Control Station (GCS) laptop while the real-time video can be streamed to users on the ground, via the GCS or the optional RVT (Remote Video Terminal).


6 Kg

Max Payload Weight

300 M

Ceiling Altitude

150 M

Operational Altitude

20 Minutes

Deployment Time

Specification Spy-i Aerostat
Aerostat Length / diameter 8 m / 2.8 m
Aerostat volume 24 m3
Empty Aerostat weight 2.5 Kg
Maximum operating Ceiling 300 m
Recommended operational altitude Up to 150 m
Deployment time Up to 20 minutes
Retrieval time Up to 20 minutes
Wind limitations Up to 30 km/h
Maximum Payload weight (Avionics and sensors) 6 Kg
Safety valve Yes (optional)
Special mission capabilities Can be tied & operated from a slow moving vehicle / boat

System Operation Highlights

The Spy-i is a portable asset that can be rapidly deployed to provide real-time video and simultaneously generate rapid geo-located imagery. The system is portable and transportable and can be deployed within 20 minutes. Video and IR images are data linked to a ground station and can be easily distributed or transferred to an optional RVT (Remote Video Terminal). The GCS can be located few kilometers away.

Main applications

  • Monitoring and Surveillance
  • Crowd Management
  • Perimeter security
  • Disaster relief/control
  • Force Protection
  • Communication relay
  • Border and coastal surveillance
  • Intelligence
  • VIP Protection
  • Media coverage
  • Traffic control

System Advantages

  • 360º observation coverage
  • Long Mission time
  • Day/Night aerial Surveillance Capability
  • Low maintenance and operation costs
  • Coexists with Bluebird’s UAVs & GCS
  • Small size & Low weight
  • Quick deployment and retrieval time (under 20 minutes)
  • Remote Ground Control Location: up to 5 km from the Aerostat
  • Minimal Support Crew Required: Transported and operated by two-man team
  • Deployment in any terrain – No prepared area required
  • Reinforced at the stitches