The ThunderB® is a small sized tactical UAV (32Kg, 4m wing-span), with innovative, impressive and effective capabilities previously found only in much larger UAVs, usually with weight of above 150Kg. Due to its long endurance capability (24 hours), its extended control range (up to 150km), and its triple CCD, cooled IR and optional laser pointer payload The ThunderB is a perfect solution for long ISTAR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance) missions, mapping on demand for open area as well as urban scenarios for military, peace keeping, low intensity conflict, security, law enforcement, S&R, disaster management and commercial applications.

The ThunderB UAV has the ability to carry small cargo units (capsules) under each wing, and release the cargo automatically or by a GCS command. Upon automatic release of the capsule, it will reach the target with high accuracy following a ballistic trajectory. The cargo capsules can also be dropped with the aid of a small parachute to prevent damage to fragile items.

The ThunderB cargo release ability can be used in numerous missions and scenarios requiring cargo delivery such as providing lifesaving measures (communication device, a bottle of water, floating device, etc.) in search and rescue (S&R) missions, dropping of essential material such as drugs in an epidemic situation, scattering small ground intelligence sensors to achieve wide ground coverage, etc.

24 Hours


32 Kg

Takeoff Weight

1000 M

Operational Altitude

150 km

Control Range

ThunderB – System Main Specifications

Specification Description
Max Takeoff Weight 32 Kg
Wing Span 4 Meters
Length 1.9 Meters
Endurance Up to 24 Hours

12 Hours with Crago Capsules/ VTOL configuration

Air Speed 60-134 Km/h  /  32-72 knots
Control Range Up to 150 Km
Power Plant Digital computerized EFI engine system
Max Flight Ceiling Up to 16,000 Ft. / 4870 M
Best Operational Altitude Up to 6,000 Ft. / 1820 M
Takeoff Ground launcher auto-launch
Landing Automatic Parachute/Airbag recovery
Payload Capacity Up to 4 Kg – Nose mounted with full fuel.
Additional payload capacity in the fuselage and under the wings. with fuel tradeoff.

 ThunderB Small Tactical UAV Significant Advantages

      • Endurance – Unprecedented endurance of Up To 24 hour mission time
      • Extended control range – Up to 150 Km Based on its advanced digital communication technology
      • Around-the-clock Forward Observer – The ThunderB can deliver up to 15 hours (!) on station located 150Km from its GDT position, carrying T-STAMP triple sensor (CCD / cooled IR / laser) payload
      • High-Quality video – The UAV can transmit FULL-HD video (1080P)
      • Thermal mapping payload – Unique, Proprietary high-resolution radiometric mapping payload, for oil spills detection even when the oil pipe is under the ground
      • Secondary emergency backup control link – For higher reliability and safety the system has a secondary link, supporting mission continuation under COMJAM environment
      • Mission continuity in GPS Denied Environment – Multi-layer protection against GPS Jamming, for mission continuity  in GPS Denied Environment
      • Immediate intelligence – The video image from the UAV is relayed to the GCS in extremely low latency.
      • Variety of Payloads incl. Unique mapping payload – Dual or Triple CCD, IR and optional laser pointer gimbaled and stabilized payloads and/or optional high resolution gimbaled and stabilized scanning photogrammetric payload
      • Severe weather operation – Supporting missions in severe weather with winds of up to 45knts and rain of up to 10mm/h.
      • Covert operation – Low acoustic, thermal & visual signature (undetectable at ~500m)
      • Ease of operation – Quick deployment and fast operational readiness, no need for prepared area. Launch and recovery in any terrain.
      • High reliability – High reliability using an advanced fuel-injected engine, multiple system redundancies and advance field proven avionics
      • Small logistic and operational footprint – Small size and a small crew (2 people), only one operator is required while the UAV is airborne
      • Vehicle mounted configuration  Easy installation and operation from a command vehicle
      • Low LCC (Life-Cycle-Cost) – In order to maintain 12 hours on target, 100Km away:
        ThunderB will be deployed for 1 flight of 16 hours. Other mini UAV / Tactical UAV will be deployed for more than 10 flights (3 hours to fly to target area and return, and 1 hours on target), increasing the maintenance cost by a factor of X10!

Operational Missions

      •  Rapid “over-the-hill”, covert ISTAR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and
        Reconnaissance) in an open area as well as urban warfare scenarios
      • First responder
      • Border protection
      • Force/convoy protection
      • Security operations
      • Law enforcement
      • Search and rescue
      • Disaster control and management operations
      • Commercial applications
      • Mapping on Demand photogrammetric solutions

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