Aerial surveillance of forest fires has great value in the support of the firefighting teams on the ground. The UAV is the only mean of carrying out these missions where it is too dangerous or expensive to use a conventional aircraft.
The analysis of the operational situation based upon an overview of the fire affected area allows for a correct evaluation of risks before sending the firefighters to action. Certain operations may be cancelled because of the high risk that they pose to the ground team’s lives.
In case of sudden changes in the tactical situation, because of a change in the direction or intensification of the wind, the firefighters will be called back in time and secured.
The coordination of the manpower and means that take part in the fire extinguishing is much more effective when based on the general overview of the area, which can only be acquired from the air.
Large-scale fires occur in the forest, regardless of terrain, or in areas with wild vegetation. These fires cover large areas and extend rapidly due to the wind and are difficult to locate and extinguish. The aerial footage allows rapid development of an action plan.
Where human settlements are threatened, evacuation decisions can be taken with enough time left to save lives.

Activities Monitored:

• Discovery of fire outbreaks
• Detection of human and animal life endangered by the fire
• Coordination of the firefighting teams
• Precise extinguishing plan
Fire Fighting