Emergency Control Unit

  • BlueBird’s UAVs are provided with an Emergency Control unit (ECU), a hand held, battery operated device, which provides the operator limited control over the UAV in case of emergencies; loss of communication with the UAV, malfunctions while in the air, etc.
  • The ECU commands the UAV by using a low bandwidth, redundant frequency link. 
  • The transmission is digitally encrypted command and is unique for each UAV according to its serial number.
  • The ECU commands the UAV to perform the following actions:
    • Pre-flights checks
    • Return home
    • Immediate deployment
    • Perform a pre-programmed pattern

Remote Video Terminal

Bluebird’s RVT is a small, lightweight and highly portable rugged video terminal that provides front line forces the capability to receive real-time live imagery directly from the UAV that flies in their vicinity and the ability to overlay UAS telemetry directly on a moving map (including UAV location and payload footprint on the ground), for improved situational awareness and targeting.

With the RVT, field commanders can exploit intelligence capabilities in real time, without being burdened with tasks of deployment, launch, flight control and recovery (all of which are handled from remote location, far from the battle zone).

RVT Features

  • Displays the real-time video transmitted from the UAV, along with the UAV location, payload’s line of sight and footprint on a digital map
  • Selectable display format: Map, Video, combined video and map
  • Fits into personal gear or mounted in a vehicle or Mobile HQ
  • Built-in GPS receiver for displaying own user location on the map
  • Video / snapshots recording and playback capabilities
  • Powered by an internal battery or external DC power supply
  • Video / snapshots recording and playback