Persistent presence of a UAV over a densely populated area may reduce crime. Patrol will be most effective if the UAV will fly both day and night. The observation of a target from the air allows a 10 times greater visibility factor than land patrols. Street crime, looting, robberies, car thefts, etc’ can be detected directly from the air. An intervention plan for ground forces can be established based on the received information.

The UAV capability of loitering over targets for a long time allows coordination of the ground forces and warning of the dangers that threaten them. In this way, the risks they are subjected to are minimized. The UAVs can fly without being detected by ground targets both visually and acoustically.

On the main roads traffic is high, decreasing the access to residential areas. The buildings tower over the streets and the side roads are covered with power lines, street lamps and trees. All these make it very difficult to monitor a city from a ground point of view and require a higher one, which can be provided by UAV’s.

Activities Monitored:

• Theft
Violent protests / Demonstrations
• Hostage situations
• Car accidents
• Car chasing
• Public disturbances
• Trafficking in drugs and other banned substances
• Illegal commercial activities
Law Enforcement