• SpyLite

    Over 35,000 Operational Sorties

  • SpyLite

    Launch at 5,500 Meter ASL

SpyLite® is a mature, advanced, combat-proven, extended performance electric Mini-UAS, optimized to provide covert, “over-the-hill” or extended range real-time visual intelligence.

SpyLite is unique in its ability to fly even in severe weather, assuring high operational availability for 3-4 hours and a communication range of over 50km (can be extended up to 80 km). Fully autonomous, the system delivers autonomous ease of use and high reliability, providing a very versatile and stable ISR platform.

Combining a stabilized CCD and/or IR payloads with proprietary ground exploitation software – the SpyLite allows for GPS-marked imagery to be relayed in real time to the ground station. The SpyLite system presents an ultimate solution for supporting real time video or tactical mapping on demand missions for open area as well as urban scenarios for military, peace keeping, low intensity conflict, HLS applications, law enforcement, S&R, disaster management and commercial applications.

The SpyLite system can be configured to back-packed, vehicle-mounted or HQ stationary configurations.
The SpyLite system has accumulated over 10,000 operational sorties in the service of several international customers, and has been in operational use by Israeli Forces since 2006.
The SpyLite played an important operational role in operations “Protective Edge” & “Brother’s Keepers” with over 700 operational sorties.

4 Hours


9.5 Kg

Takeoff Weight

1000 M

Operational Altitude

50 km

Control Range

SpyLite – System Main Specification 

Specification Description
Max takeoff weight 9.5 kg
Wing Span 275 cm
Length 135 cm
Endurance 3 to 4 hours (payload, environment & mission dependent)
Airspeed 60-120 Km/h / 32-65 knots
Control Range Up to 50 Km (can be extended up to 80 km)
Max flight ceiling 30,000ft ASL / 9100 m
Best operational altitude Up to 1000m / 3280ft AGL
Takeoff Ground launcher auto-launch
Landing Automatic Parachute & Airbag recovery

SpyLite Mini UAV Significant Advantages

  • Field Proven – Over 35,000 operational sorties accumulated
  • Extended control range – up to 80 Km Based on its advanced digital communication technology
  • High Performance Payloads – Single HD, Dual or Triple CCD, IR and optional laser pointer gimbaled and stabilized payloads and/or optional high resolution, Proprietary RGB/ Multi-spectral/ Radiometric photogrammetric payloads for mapping
  • HD Video Transmission – The UAS can transmit Full-HD video (1080P) to the ground, in order to provide better detection, recognition and identification capabilities.
  • Secondary emergency backup control link – For higher reliability and safety the system has a secondary link, supporting mission continuation under COMJAM environment
  • Mission continuity in GPS Denied Environment – Optional Multi-layer protection against GPS Jamming, for mission continuity even in GPS denied environment.
  • Onboard video recording – Onboard video recording capability
  • Immediate intelligence – The video image from the UAV is relayed to the GCS in extremely low latency. The Video is recorded with all intelligence information overlaid on the video (mission data, payload data, target data, etc.)
  • Severe weather operation – Supporting missions in severe weather in strong winds and rain of up to 10mm/h.
  • Covert operation – Low acoustic, thermal & visual signature (undetectable at ~300m)
  • Ease of operation – Quick deployment and fast operational readiness, no need for prepared area. Launch and recovery in any terrain.
  • Small logistic and operational footprint – Small size and small crew (2 people), only one operator is required while the UAV is airborne
  • Vehicle mounted configuration easy installation and operation from a command vehicle
  • Low LCC (Life-Cycle-Cost)

SpyLite Launch & Recovery


The launcher is a foldable, lightweight launcher, powered by elastomeric force (rubber bands). This type of launcher allows a safe, controlled deployment which doesn’t rely on operator skill or weather conditions.
The launcher is compact and easy to assemble on site. A UAV can be quickly assembled and launched using the launcher in under 15 minutes. The launcher is durable to survive harsh environments.

 SpyLite Recovery

The SpyLite has an autonomous recovery capability. The SpyLite is recovered by deploying a reusable parachute and airbag. This ensures a low-impact landing to protect critical parts in the UAV. The autopilot calculates the optimum wind speed and altitude for the SpyLite to deploy its parachute so that it is deployed for accurate safe landing. After touch-down, the parachute is released by a patented parachute release mechanism to avoid the UAV being dragged along the ground if the parachute is caught by a gust of air. The parachute and airbag are quickly and simply repacked by the operators  in the field.

Operational Missions

  • Rapid “over-the-hill”, covert ISTAR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition & Reconnaissance) in an open area as well as urban warfare scenarios
  • First responders & Law Enforcement
  • Border protection
  • Force / convoy protection
  • Security operations
  • Search & rescue
  • Disaster control
  • Commercial applications
  • Mapping on Demand -photogrammetric solutions

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